Marble Countertops and Window Sills

Top Things to Consider about Marble Countertops and Window Sills

If you have room in your budget and a taste for refined elegance, you might want to consider having marble countertops in your kitchen. One of the main reasons why people pick marble for countertops is because they look great. The material adds a sense of sophistication and classic beauty to your design. Of course, marble requires a different level of commitment so you need to consider a few things when you’re installing it for countertops and window sills.


Marble can vary drastically in price, depending on the kind you use. However, it generally costs anywhere between $50 and $250 or above, per square foot.  Those who are on a tighter budget don’t really go for marble. The initial costs are high but the maintenance cost can be high as well. The most affordable marble would be the Carrara marble and others are generally more expensive.


Marble countertops are available in different finishes. You can pick one based on your personal preference, however, you’ll find that some finishes are easier to maintain than others.

  • Honed or Matt Finish: This finish is done by sanding the marble until it is satiny and smooth. It would feel soft to touch and might have a slightly different texture as well. This surface doesn’t show scratches and flaws easily so more people prefer it for their countertops however; it makes the marble more susceptible to staining.
  • Leather Finish: This finish is achieved by adding a different leather-like texture to the honed surface of the marble. It lends a soft glow and sheen but isn’t as reflective. It is used in dark colored marbles and the texture may vary from stone to stone.
  • Polished Finish: This is the most popular finish and the most difficult to maintain, as well. It is achieved by grinding and then buffing the surface. The natural beauty of the stone is more apparent, as the veins stand out and the colors are more vivid. It is less likely to stain because it’s less porous however; it is more susceptible to scratches.
Marble Countertops and Window Sills

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Care and Maintenance 

Marble Magic – The Secret to Cleaning Stains on Marble Countertops and window sills require a lot of care and maintenance. Unlike granite, which is more resilient, marble is more delicate and over time as it can develop patina, scratches and chips. To prevent most of the damage, you need to seal the marble. There are two types of sealants available:

  • Topical Sealant: As the name suggests, this sealant only covers the top layer of the marble. It will provide some protection against scratches and etching but they degrade quickly.
  • Penetrating Sealant: This sealant sinks into the stone and offers greater protection against stains. It doesn’t protect the surface from acidic substances.

Additional Care

Along with sealing the surface, you need to ensure that you clean up spills as soon as possible. You would also need to use mild cleaning agents that won’t have acidic or abrasive properties in them. Always use a cutting board while cutting vegetables, and use mats and coasters wherever possible on your marble countertops.


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