top 5 kitchen design mistakes 2

Top 5 Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to designing a kitchen, not just anyone can get it right; your kitchen does not just need to look great. It should also be functional and made to see you through many long years. There are certain mistakes a lot of people end up making, which you should definitely try to avoid in your own designs.

These mistakes are as follows:

Obstructing The Work Triangle

5 Kitchen Design Mistakes - the triangle

The holy triangle of the kitchen comprises of the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator.

Most cooking consists of hopping from one to the other to obtain a smooth workflow, which is why your design should respect the triangle. There should be no obstructions here, such as an overly large or awkwardly placed island, and the space between should be just right; too cramped and you will be stumbling over each other, too vast and you’ll be running marathons between the fridge and the stove.

Ignoring Countertop Workstations

Industrial-Style Kitchen Countertop - Concrete countertops

Every kitchen needs ample countertop space to help you cut up vegetables, mix ingredients and prepare certain dishes, side dishes and condiments.

Your countertop space should be long enough to also be able to house some of your appliances and other assorted items that will stay there permanently, and provide enough space for you to easily work as well. Whether you choose marble, granite, or any other material, make sure there enough room to make for an unconfined, open and smooth workflow.

Not Getting Enough Storage Space

Kitchen Design Mistakes - Not Enough Storage Space

This is another design mistake people make when trying to design a more open spaced kitchen.

A kitchen design should utilize every inch of space available, because you will have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored, from ingredients to cutlery, to dishware, appliances, and electronic equipment. Make sure your kitchen has many drawers, shelves and cabinets, and if you have enough space, use an island for extra storage.

Ignoring The Backsplash

Kitchen Design Mistakes - Ignoring the backsplash

Ignoring the kitchen back splash can be costly over the years.

Most people either forget about this essential element in a kitchen, or just decide to save up on it, but the truth is they probably end up spending more on cleaning and repainting in the years to come. There is so much moisture and grease coming from the stove and sink areas that the walls right above your counters can get very dirty very quickly. To make this grime easier to clean, line this area with tiles, metal, or any other material that will easily be cleaned.

Going Too Trendy

Kitchen Design Mistakes - too trendy design

While it’s nice to have elements in your kitchen that are in with the time, it is not a good idea to jump on the flavor of the week design trends from the latest issue of your favorite home décor magazine.

These trends never last, but you will have to live with this kitchen for quite some time. Go for designs that are more classic and timeless and that you know will functional as well. All white and sleek modern kitchens, for example, are impossible to keep clean and “sleek” on a day to day basis.

Most of all, when designing a kitchen, think about your personal work habits and convenience, as this will give you an idea of what to place where so you can get the most out of your kitchen as a family hub and a workspace.