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Top 5 Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to designing a kitchen, not just anyone can get it right; your kitchen does not just need to look great. It should also be functional and made to see you through many long years. There are certain mistakes a lot of people end up making, which you should definitely try to avoid in your own designs.

These mistakes are as follows:

Obstructing The Work Triangle

5 Kitchen Design Mistakes - the triangle

The holy triangle of the kitchen comprises of the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator.

Most cooking consists of hopping from one to the other to obtain a smooth workflow, which is why your design should respect the triangle. There should be no obstructions here, such as an overly large or awkwardly placed island, and the space between should be just right; too cramped and you will be stumbling over each other, too vast and you’ll be running marathons between the fridge and the stove.

Ignoring Countertop Workstations

Industrial-Style Kitchen Countertop - Concrete countertops

Every kitchen needs ample countertop space to help you cut up vegetables, mix ingredients and prepare certain dishes, side dishes and condiments.

Your countertop space should be long enough to also be able to house some of your appliances and other assorted items that will stay there permanently, and provide enough space for you to easily work as well. Whether you choose marble, granite, or any other material, make sure there enough room to make for an unconfined, open and smooth workflow.

Not Getting Enough Storage Space

Kitchen Design Mistakes - Not Enough Storage Space

This is another design mistake people make when trying to design a more open spaced kitchen.

A kitchen design should utilize every inch of space available, because you will have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored, from ingredients to cutlery, to dishware, appliances, and electronic equipment. Make sure your kitchen has many drawers, shelves and cabinets, and if you have enough space, use an island for extra storage.

Ignoring The Backsplash

Kitchen Design Mistakes - Ignoring the backsplash

Ignoring the kitchen back splash can be costly over the years.

Most people either forget about this essential element in a kitchen, or just decide to save up on it, but the truth is they probably end up spending more on cleaning and repainting in the years to come. There is so much moisture and grease coming from the stove and sink areas that the walls right above your counters can get very dirty very quickly. To make this grime easier to clean, line this area with tiles, metal, or any other material that will easily be cleaned.

Going Too Trendy

Kitchen Design Mistakes - too trendy design

While it’s nice to have elements in your kitchen that are in with the time, it is not a good idea to jump on the flavor of the week design trends from the latest issue of your favorite home décor magazine.

These trends never last, but you will have to live with this kitchen for quite some time. Go for designs that are more classic and timeless and that you know will functional as well. All white and sleek modern kitchens, for example, are impossible to keep clean and “sleek” on a day to day basis.

Most of all, when designing a kitchen, think about your personal work habits and convenience, as this will give you an idea of what to place where so you can get the most out of your kitchen as a family hub and a workspace.

Designing Your Kitchen - kid friendly kitchen

Designing Your Kitchen For Kids… 5 Tips To Consider

Remodeling? Redesigning or Designing your kitchen to your kids? Great!

In the modern day and age, a kitchen is not just where the mom cooks, as it is more of a family zone where kids and parents all turn cooking and eating into a fun social activity. Plus, most parents like to put their kids to work and assign chores to get work done more quickly. On the other hand, if your kids are smaller, you may worry about them breaking your china or staining your gorgeous countertops.

The point is, when you have kids, they need to be taken into consideration before designing a kitchen. You have to make sure your kids can easily use everything they need to use, and not reach anything that they shouldn’t be using, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the kitchen and child to co-exist.

Here are 5 Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Height

For a kitchen made for adults, your counters, which are your main workstations, are about 36” high. However when you bring kids into the cooking equation you need something at least 6” lower, so they can reach the workspace and help out with chores. This also makes the counters easier to use for adults when carrying out tasks like kneading dough and rolling out pizza crust.

This will usually not add to the cost of your kitchen as most cabinet lines can be incorporated into a low counter design. Five Star Stone and Cabinets provides custom cabinet services which can be designed to your needs.

If you have smaller kids it is a good idea to keep a countertop that does not extend beyond the storage cabinets under it, since kids frequently bump their head on edges that stick out. Also try and smooth out the edges of your counter when you have it installed to minimize injuries.

Counter Materials

The best material you can use for a countertop is by far Quartz. This is the closest you can get to a natural and classy material while also keeping it child-friendly. This is extremely strong, scratch and dent resistant and shock-absorbent, so if there are dishes dropped both the counter and the dish have a higher chance of survival. Plus, this is a non porous material so any juice spills will not stain and any messes are generally easier to clean.

Designing Your Kitchen

Making snowflake cookies – winter treat

It is also easier to shape the edges to your preferences. Also, since it is non-porous, there is lesser chance of it harboring bacteria that can contaminate your food as you cook, or infect your children as they work or chill at the counter. Five Star Stone offers a quality line of Quartz countertops in a variety of colors.

Cabinets And Storage

Cabinets are another thing that can easily go out of a child’s reach, but in some cases this is desirable. In terms of cabinets you should have certain zones or portions which are accessible to your kids so you can store their plastic plates and cups along with cutlery and silverware in here.

Designing Your Kitchen | kid friendly drawers

Kid friendly drawers.

You can also throw in some of their favorite snacks. These can be lower drawers or cabinets under the counters. On the other hand, fine china, sharp knives and electrical appliances with sharp blades like blenders and choppers should be kept higher up and out of reach. For younger children you might also want to invest in cabinet designs that are harder to access and open for them, and maybe invest in child proofing too.

Another thing to consider is the wood material and finishing. You might want a darker wood and glossier finish which will be easier to clean and will mask some of the scratches and marks that kids might inflict on them.


Designing Your Kitchen |Stove

kitchen detail with induction electric hob and cooking pans

We suggest you try and invest in an electrical induction stove when you have little kids or encourage kids to help out with cooking. This allows for no gas leaks, fires or burns as it only heats the area directly under your pots and pans, and all the controls are also on the top. If you prefer gas stoves, try to invest in one that has the knobs on the top so a small child can’t reach it.

Other Appliances

Designing Your Kitchen - Microwave Placement

Microwave placement.

There are certain appliances that you want your kids to use so it relives you of some duties and they can help out in some of your work. This includes a microwave, and it is a good idea to include a microwave cabinet somewhere below the countertops or your kitchen island. This will make it accessible to your kids so they can heat up a meal in when needed. You might not want to do this with smaller children around. Your toaster is another appliance you might want to keep within reach of older kids.

In Conclusion

When you design a kitchen with little or older kids, it is important to keep their needs, as well as their curiosity in mind. Think about safety, ease of cleaning for you, and their ability to help you out or be self sufficient when you’re away. Design a kitchen that is for the whole family to enjoy, not just for you to cook alone in, and you will have a social hub that teaches your kids about the wonders of a meal well enjoyed.

Modern Sink Designs - To Match Your Granite Countertops 1

Modern Sink Designs To Match Your Granite Countertops 

When you set out to design your new kitchen you’ll be faced with a long list of design choices. One of the most important but often overlooked is your sink. Long gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all stainless steel double bowl drop-in kitchen sink. Sinks now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can find sinks designed for greater accessibility, specialized uses and in a variety of materials and styles to fit your decor. Here are three of the hottest new kitchen sink design trends you can use to complement the look of your new kitchen granite countertops.

Copper Sinks

Granite countertops in clearwater - Copper kitchen sinks

Top mounted custom copper sink with built-in cutting board.
Image credit: Rachiele Custom Copper Sinks

With the launch of her hit TV show, The French Chef in 1963, Julia Child introduced copper cookware to mainstream America. Ever since, a kitchen hung with copper cookware has been a sign of a serious cook dedicated to fine cuisine.

Copper has long been used in traditional European kitchens for range hoods, backsplashes, sinks and even countertops. The rustic look of a copper sink is an excellent complement to natural stone. One advantage of copper sinks is that they can be custom fabricated to any shape and profile giving you the ability to create a truly one-of-a-kind Clearwater kitchen design.

Undermount Sinks

granite countertops in clearwater fl - Undermount Sinks

Stainless steel sink with built-in cutting board mounted under manufactured quartz countertop. Image credit: Santa Clara University Refract House Project

During the years that plastic laminate dominated the kitchen countertop market, undermounted sinks were nearly unheard of. With the growing popularity of natural stone, manufactured quartz and other solid surface materials, undermounted sinks are increasingly becoming the standard.

Compared with a drop in sinks, undermounted sinks have some clear advantages. Undermounted sinks allow liquids and kitchen scraps to be easily wiped from the countertop into the sink while avoiding a buildup of kitchen dirt along the rim of the sink insert. Undermounted sinks also maintain the maximum amount of counter space around your sink. Along with basic twin bowl kitchen sinks you can find a variety of combinations that include small prep sinks, extra deep sinks large capacity single bowl models.

Farmhouse Apron Sinks

Granite countertops in clearwater Fl - Farmhouse Apron Sinks

Farmhouse apron sink.

Farmhouse or apron sinks are an old design that has been gaining popularity in Clearwater. Available in a variety of materials including enameled cast iron, copper, stainless steel and concrete, farmhouse sinks can handle messy kitchen prep and accommodate large pots and pans for washing up. Sizes range from 30-38 inches long, 17-19 inches wide and can be 10-12 inches deep or more. The bottoms are typically sloped to help drainage and avoid water pooling.

Designs run the gamut from sleek modern stainless steel and enamel to Old World look embossed bronze and copper. Farmhouse sinks made from marble, granite, basalt and other natural stone are also popular. For stone sinks the interior of the bowls and rails are typically polished but the front apron can be left roughhewn or finished with elaborate carvings.

The Right Choice for Your Kitchen

When looking for the right sink design to complement your kitchen granite countertops there is sure to be something that fits every design and decor. Whether you choose a modern undermount stainless steel sink to go with your absolute black granite countertops or a beautiful custom copper sink with Calcutta gold marble countertops, the right choice is to go with what you love. Every day you spend in a kitchen designed around what you want is that much more return on your investment.

4 Styles Of Vintage Kitchens

4 Popular Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas (With Granite Countertops Of Course) You Will Be Envious

Whether you are painstakingly recreating an 18th century French Provincial kitchen of Provence or simply want a simple shaker style kitchen with granite countertops, achieving a vintage look is simpler than ever before. Capturing the vintage look you want is not about turning your kitchen into a museum. There are few people that want to trade the conveniences of a modern kitchen for the labor intensive grinding, chopping, mixing and preserving that was part of everyday home life in the last century.

The Vintage Kitchen Look – From Glaze to Glass to Granite Countertops

A vintage look aims to reproduce the feelings associated with the regional cooking traditions, local ingredients and culture of a particular time and place. To create a modern kitchen with a vintage feel, focus on color, materials, design and details.

Here are the key ingredients to putting together four of today’s most popular vintage styles.

French Provincial

five star stone inc clearwater florida

The French Provincial style kitchen is warm and comfortable with a hint of elegance in the details.


Hand painted cabinetry or cabinet doors that are glazed to look like hand painted are characteristic of the French Provincial style.

Muted colors like antique white and baby blue are all favorites. The cabinet color scheme is rarely monochromatic and often combines painted and stained wood finishes.


Modern interpretations of French Provincial style typically substitute granite counter surfaces for marble. Wooden countertops are sometimes used, particularly for the island. Ornate tile backsplashes with hand painted or relief tile feature panels above the range are characteristic features of this style.


Eat in kitchen islands are a key design element in most French Provincial kitchens that give them a homey family friendly feel. Carved stone range hoods are found in many French Provincial kitchens and the range is often set under a hearth where the tile backsplash acts as the focal point of the kitchen. Chandeliers add an old world touch to the kitchen lighting system.


French Provincial style incorporates ornate flutes, corbels, pilasters, dentil cornices and other decorative details. Handles, drawer pulls, hinges and other hardware are typically wrought iron. Pewter look hardware is also popular. Some cabinets typically have leaded glass fronts or are left open to display period style dinnerware, pottery and cookware.

American Colonial

five star stone inc clearwater florida

Also called Early American or Colonial Style, this style of kitchen is defined by simple lines, warm colors and natural materials.


American Colonial style uses many of the same off-whites that can be found in other styles from the 1800s and early 1900s. Natural finish and stained hardwoods like cherry and maple are used extensively for cabinets and tables. Dark gray or black countertops contrasted with off-white cabinets are a popular combination with this style.


A range of common American hardwoods such as oak or maple or reclaimed wood is often used for flooring. Manufactured hardwood flooring in similar finishes is often used in modern versions. Colonial era floors sometimes mixed species and board widths in the same floor. Wrought iron chandeliers and kitchen hardware are also indicative of this style. Honed absolute black marble or soapstone contrasting with off white cabinets and wood floors is a popular combination for American Colonial kitchens.


Open cupboards, hanging pot racks and butcher-block island countertops are all popular elements of American Colonial style. Contrasted with French Provincial, this style has few embellishments and uses simple lines and solid construction.


Cabinets are simple while still demonstrating quality craftsmanship. Raised panel doors and drawer fronts may be painted or stained. As well as open cupboards, plate racks and other easily accessible storage is common. Some cabinets typically have glass fronts. Glass can be plain, leaded or include mullions.


five star stone inc clearwater florida

Shaker style gives a modern kitchen just a hint of vintage character.

Shaker style has a minimalist aesthetic most commonly associated with the solid and clean looking shaker style framed cabinet doors.


The simple and clean Shaker style lends itself to highlighting high quality finishes and materials. Natural wood finishes, gleaming whites and earthy pastels all work well with the muted sensibility of Shaker style.


From polished granite countertops and stainless steel appliances to natural stone feature walls and glass tile backsplashes, many types of materials can be successfully highlighted in a Shaker style kitchen. The subdued simple lines provide the perfect backdrop for creating bold focal points using high quality materials.


Shaker style is perfect for blending the utility of a professional quality kitchen with the warmth of a family gathering place. Larger kitchens are often eat-in with an antique or Shaker style dining table and spindle back chairs. Modern interpretations will often opt for a kitchen island with a breakfast bar.


Simple painted wood door knobs reproduce the authentic Shaker style although ceramic or stainless steel hardware will also work well with Shaker style cabinets. Brushed nickel or antique copper cup style drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are often used for a durable modern twist with a vintage look.

Midcentury Modern

five star stone inc clearwater florida

The 1950s and 60s saw the introduction of colors and materials into the kitchen that had never been seen before.

The kitchen of tomorrow was a futuristic vision of the kitchen as the ultimate in convenience and modern style. Now often referred to as “retro” or “mod”, Midcentury Modern style opens the door to vibrant color palettes, bold patterns and a cool collection of vintage small appliances.


If you are a fan of color then Midcentury Modern may be the way to go. Harvest gold, avocado green, seafoam blue and flamingo pink all represent the colorful aesthetic of the era. Bold graphic elements, either painted or on wallpaper, are also classic features of this style.


The post-war years saw a shortage of traditional materials while new technologies, materials and construction techniques came rushing in to fill the demand for housing. Plywood, fiberglass, vinyl and Plexiglas all became common materials in the kitchen. There were also many new applications for metal and glass. Cabinets were often painted or stained plywood or plywood finished with walnut veneer. Laminate counters became nearly universal in original Midcentury Modern kitchens although modern versions typically opt for polished granite or manufactured quartz.


Midcentury Modern design rejected embellishment and detail in favor of simple lines and organic curves. The 50s and 60s saw a trend toward indoor/outdoor living spaces, open beam ceilings and combined living and dining areas. Kitchen designs featured plenty of natural light and although true open plan design was still a few years away, the kitchen pass-through became a common feature.

Cabinets above the pass-through were sometimes hung from steel rods, further blurring the divide between kitchen and living areas. While maintaining the retro style many Midcentury Modern kitchen remodeling projects open up the pass-through by removing the upper cabinets, replacing them with open hanging shelves or replacing the counter with an island.


Flat panel cabinet doors and drawer fronts define the Midcentury Modern style. Many cabinets use touch latches with concealed hinges to maintain a smooth uninterrupted surface. Where cabinet doors and drawers have visible hardware, chevron shaped and art deco style handles, dish pulls and minimalist bar pulls in chrome finish are all authentic elements.

If you want to remain true to the era with laminate counters then be sure to include an aluminum edge strip. Accessorize the look with a teak starburst wall clock and a set of reproduction Eames fiberglass chairs set around a tulip table.

Check Out Our Granite Countertops product page for colors, design and cuts. Click here!

Types Of Stone Countertops - concrete

The 3 Most Profound Developments To Modern Kitchen Design

Your history teacher might have told you that the Stone Age began some 3 Million+ years ago… But experts in modern kitchens design tells a different story…

Modern Kitchen Design - Exotic Granite Countertops

Never before has stone been used in as many forms and for as many purposes as it is today.

… The Stone Age has just begun! 

A combination of demand, expanding production and improvements in technology are making today the new Stone Age. For kitchens and bathrooms (check out or custom cabinetry service here) the selection of stone surfaces, both natural and manufactured is exploding. New producers, technology and competition are driving prices down. Manufactured stone now has physical characteristics, color and design possibilities that no one would have believed just a few years ago.

So what are the 3 most profound developments To Modern Kitchen Design??

Modern Kitchen Design Lady thinking

So what are the 3 most profound developments To Modern Kitchen Design??

1. In 1963 Marcello Toncelli conceived of the market for manufactured or compound stone.

He formed Breton, a company to develop and build equipment for manufacturing stone slabs and blocks from quarry waste. Their patented vibrocompression vacuum technology still sets the standard for the industry.

50 years later the company remains under the control of the Toncelli family and continues to develop and refine manufacturing processes to remain at the cutting edge of manufactured stone industry. Dozens of Breton equipped plants around the world now produce manufactured stone for local and worldwide markets.

2. China, India and Brazil have become major stone exporters.

Starting as a source for natural stone used in graveyard stones for markets in Japan, Korea, America and Europe, China has been expanding its production to include indoor home products such as countertops, sinks, fireplaces and tiles.

They are also producing an increasing amount of manufactured stone. Shandong, Fujian and Guangdong provinces have become centers for high quality stone products. China has a virtual monopoly on natural stone exports to Korea and Japan plus strong sales to North America and Europe.

In South America, a number of areas have become increasingly important suppliers of natural stone. Stone from the Brazilian province of Espirito Santo accounted for more than half of the country’s natural stone exports.

Brazil is also the leading supplier of granite stone for the US kitchen counter market. The greatly expanded production capacity of China and Brazil has helped to stabilize prices of natural granite.

3. Modern resin and reinforcement technology has allowed the use of nearly 100% of quarried stone.

Waste that previously accounted for a large percentage of quarried stone is now being incorporated into a variety of manufactured stone products that provide an environmentally responsible alternative to natural stone slabs.

Exotic granites and other natural stone that was previously too brittle to quarry because of inherent fissures and imperfections is now infused with slow curing epoxy resin. The resin is able to seep into even the smallest micro-fissure to stabilize the stone. Stone slabs that would have previously shattered during quarrying can now be extracted safely.

Very exotic natural stone is often sliced into thinner slabs and mounted onto a backing material such as glass or steel. This makes beautiful natural stone much more widely available and at a lower cost than ever before.

5 Tips In Coloring Your Kitchen with Natural Stone... Youll Surely Love Tip #5

5 Tips In Coloring Your Kitchen with Natural Stone… You’ll Surely Love Tip #5

Coloring your kitchen? When your new kitchen design or renovation includes natural stone such as granite or marble it is often wise to use the existing colors in the stone to guide your color choices for the rest of the kitchen.

Let’s dive into the 5 tips in coloring your kitchen.

While you may wish to make a statement by using an exotic piece of natural stone that includes interesting flaws and contrasting colors, it is still important to let the stone be your guide when establishing your palette. By keeping an eye on the color wheel and following a few simple guidelines your kitchen color palette can add a richness and depth to the natural colors that attracted you to the stone in the first place.

#1 Coloring Your Kitchen Using Triadic Color Scheme

Kitchen Coloring in Clearwater Fl Using Triadic Color Scheme

To contrast the dominant color of the countertop select one of the colors you find in the veins or inclusions in the stone and use that as your primary color.

A Triadic color scheme that uses 3 colors split across the color wheel is a good place to start if you are a beginner at creating color palettes. Three colors are enough to create visual interest but still maintain a sense of unity. Your secondary color should be a closely related color on the same side of the color wheel and the third color should be selected from the opposite side of the wheel.

#2 Dealing With Colors

Clearwater Fl - coloring your kitchen - color combination

The thing about blending the colors…

If you find two closely related colors in the stone, like yellow-green and turquoise veins, use those as your primary and secondary colors and then use a complimentary color from the opposite side of the wheel like crimson. The complimentary color is used as your accent color and it adds an element of richness to the details in the stone that you are echoing in the major colors of your palette.

#3 For Granite Countertops



Clearwater Fl - coloring your kitchen - Granite Countertops

Selection of Granite Countertop Colors.

If you have a granite countertop with brown veins or flecks in it, that will work well with wood cabinets. Match the brown you find in the stone with a natural finish or stain it darker if necessary. For an accent color, lighter browns that lean toward a light orange could use a blue or blue-green like teal while a darker brown might use violet.

#4 Marble And Granite

Stainless steel appliances can make veins of gray that are found in many marbles and granites appear deeper and richer. The flowing designs of contrasting veins in the rock is also referred as “movement”, an aptly descriptive term for the scars of its violent past being bent and twisted inside the earth’s crust.

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Combining Colors Using Ratio

coloring your kitchen in clearwater fl -color combination

Be careful not to let your complimentary color become overpowering but neither should it disappear.

When you combine colors, the ratio is also important. A good decorator’s rule of thumb is to cover 60% of your kitchen using your primary color, 30% with your secondary color and then 10% with your complimentary or accent color to spice things up. You can also adjust the mix with something like 65-25-10 or 55-32-13.

When Coloring your kitchen, it’s possible to add a fourth color but you risk diluting your design and have your palette slip from bold to muddled. While only two colors will look stark and boring you can maintain maximum appeal and still keep things interesting with just 3 or 4 colors, as long as you keep in mind where you are pulling your colors from on the color wheel.

For granite countertops colors, check out this page . For marbles countertops check out this page right here.

Kitchen Design Specialty Lighting for kitchen

For Home Owners in Clearwater Florida – 4 Options (and Upgrades) to Take Your Kitchen Design from OK to OMG

When it comes to Kitchen design there will always be one thing that stands out. It could be a natural stone tile backsplash, a modern stainless steel gas grill or intimate lighting over an eat-in island that lends an inviting appeal to the design. It’s important though that not everything in your kitchen is fighting for attention. To have one or two focal points that really stand out, most of your kitchen’s color palette and design elements need to blend with and complement each other.

When it comes to picking out the options and upgrades for your kitchen, you will be faced with a dizzying array of choices. As is often the case, less is often more. Options and upgrades are like cooking ingredients. Basic clean lines, warm colors and a consistent style will be easier to work with than throwing every random option into the pot and seeing what comes out. But never worry b’coz we got you covered!

Here are some of the most popular upgrades and options available for today’s kitchens and some tips to creating a design that will really make them shine.

Commercial Grade Sinks and Faucets for Your Kitchen Design

Commercial Grade Sinks and Faucets in Clearwater Fl

Commercial kitchen features are popular in large open plan kitchens where you will often find more than one person helping to prepare the meals.

Oversized sinks, integrated drain pans, rinse sinks, drain racks and built in cutting boards are popular upgrades in many new kitchen designs. Combined with a commercial type one hand pull out spray faucet, your sink can combine durability, function and beauty in one package.

Kitchen island sinks are increasingly popular with large families and with those that enjoy entertaining. Stainless steel is the most popular choice for kitchen sinks but other materials are being used to fabricate kitchen sinks as well. Large fireclay or cast iron farm sinks are becoming popular.

These sinks are typically 30-36 inches wide, 18-20 inches back to front and anywhere from 10-18 inches deep and have an offset drain to maximize work space in the sink. Farm sinks are typically designed to mount under the counter with the countertop overhanging the sink on three sides and the front of the sink extending 1-3 inches beyond the face of the base cabinets. As well as a large selection of sink designs and configurations, stainless steel fabricators can create custom sinks to whatever specifications your heart desires.

When designing a kitchen around commercial grade sinks, ranges, ovens and appliances think in terms of stations. Make sure you plan for sufficient storage within easy reach for everything that will normally be used at that station. Include bake pan storage beside the oven, easy access trash containers near the food prep area and think safety by keeping things like counter bars separated from range tops.

For surfaces, use durable easy maintenance materials and designs such as polished and sealed granite countertops and frameless cabinets with slab doors.

Next is…

 Tile and Stone Backsplashes

Tile and Stone Backsplashes in Clearwater Fl

Hand painted and even handmade tile and natural stone tiles can be an excellent focal point of your kitchen.

There are many artists that specialize in tile murals and mosaics. There is also a wide range of decorative metal and ceramic tile medallions available that you can incorporate into a beautiful tile backsplash.

Combining ceramic tiles with natural stone tiles is an option that adds a host of design possibilities. If you have or are adding a high-end gourmet gas range, a nice option is to install a tiled alcove behind it where you can keep a collection of olive oils, knives, spices and decorative containers handy.

It makes a beautiful and functional backdrop for the centerpiece of a serious gourmet kitchen. Elaborate custom tile backsplashes work well with old-world inspired designs like French country kitchen or American colonial. The materials should reflect the time period with wood, marble, copper and crystal accents and details.

If you don’t want to get too over-the-top with your period kitchen you can still give it an air of vintage sophistication with a tile backsplash in antique white with a simple patterned border running around the room for visual interest. Natural slate tiles have become popular materials for kitchen backsplashes. They add a warm and rustic feel to the kitchen. They look great with a kitchen that highlights natural materials such as natural stone countertops, wood cabinets, exposed beams and wrought iron cookware.

Specialty Lighting


Kitchen design tips from five star stone inc - Clearwater Fl

Lighting can dramatically change the look of any space in your home including your kitchen.

Whether you want to bring out the lustrous shine of a slab of polished granite by adding a row of pendant lights over your kitchen island or highlight a custom tile backsplash with recessed undercabinet LED lighting, you can find a lighting solution to enhance your kitchen design.

The light fixture itself can act as a focal point of your kitchen. Custom pendant lights handmade by skilled glass blowers can be gallery quality pieces of art in their own right. Pendant light designs range from modest to modern with several artists and designers specializing in reusing industrial machine parts and recycled materials to create striking concept art pieces.

Converted lofts and industrial design inspired kitchens are perfect for steel pipe chandeliers and repurposed wine bottle pendant lights. Minimalist kitchen designs that feature simple lines and uncluttered spaces also benefit from the sparse aesthetic of industrial look lighting. Advances in LED lighting have added many opportunities to use lighting to enhance your kitchen decor.

Low voltage LED tape lighting can be installed under cabinets to light counters and inside glass front cabinets to light your collection of fine wines or heirloom China. You can add a dramatic touch to bars and counters by adding lighting along the underside of overhanging kitchen countertops.

LED tape lights operate on 24 volts supplied by an electronic transformer. The strips are 1/2 inch wide, silicone sealed for safe use in wet locations and can be cut to any length so you can us them virtually anywhere. LED tape lights are fully dimmable and rated to 50,000 hours so they will last for decades.

Last but certainly not to be ignored…

Exotic Granite Countertops

When selecting stone for a granite countertop you are often looking for a more or less homogeneous color and pattern. If, however, you would like to make the granite countertop on your kitchen island a focal point you may elect to choose a more dramatic piece. Exotic granite that contains two or more contrasting colors and large inclusions and contrasting veins is an attractive option.

These granites are mined in small quarries and there is always a great deal of variation from piece to piece. Juparana granite is one example of granite that displays a large variation in color and pattern. It was originally quarried near Lake Juparana in Brazil where it gets its name and contained colors ranging from yellow to peach with many large contrasting veins running through it.

Now a variety of granites from other countries that look similar are also labeled Juparana. When you are featuring an exotic granite countertop with two or more contrasting colors consider cabinets that match one of the non-dominant colors in the stone. The style of cabinet will depend on the feature color.

You could match a piece of granite with small dark brown veins to deep mocha colored cabinets in a simple shaker or modern design. If your countertop had veins of white or yellow you could use an off white glazed finish on colonial styled cabinets to highlight the countertop.

If you decide to go with a stone type countertops (or wanted to order one for your kitchen), click here for more info about our services.

The Choice is Yours but Keep it Simple

As with any kitchen design ideas, there are a numbers of ways to make a statement and create a visually pleasing kitchen by designing around one or two focal points.