Services description

Free field estimates

If you’re looking into the cost or details of completing your project but need some help with measurements, design specifications, or material needs, let us relieve the pressure. Natural stone installations are decisions to have long-term relationships with one-of-a-kind pieces of natural artwork. This should be a point of enjoyment right from the start of any project. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Customized design planning for natural stone installations

We at Five Star understand that each project and client are different from one another and we just love getting into the nitty gritty details of a project. We want your completed project to WOW you! We accommodate all sorts of surprising requests from feminine hourglass figure islands to outdoor pool bars. Unsure of what it is you want? That’s okay! Whether you’re having difficulty creating a personal vision or you’re worried about your personal vision getting in the way of a commercial or resale project

Field templating

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of stone installations gone wrong with gaps along each wall, cracked stone on an un-level surface, or corner radiuses that don’t quite match. The truth of it is, nearly every project should be properly prepped and templated before stone ever goes to the saw table. This ensures the best possible shape and fit at the time of installation. At Five Star Stone there are no extra fees for templating because it is merely a necessary part of the process.

Stone cutting and fabrication

Once the template appointment is completed, each project enters our fabrication schedule. Your slab is loaded onto our saw table and your template will be reviewed by our saw operator with the template rep as they determine the most efficient and attractive layout for your countertop piece(s). Once cutting has been completed, your stone will move to our fabrication area where our fabricators hand craft your sink cutouts and edges, polish and buff your stone to a shine (with the exception of engineered quartz) and apply sealant to your stone.


Now that your stone has been fabricated to your customized specifications our installers are ready to visit the installation site and put the final touches on your stone design. We couldn’t be Five Star Stone with a five star reputation if it weren’t for our installers. We work with the best installers in the Pinellas County stone industry. We carefully screen our new install team members and take great care of our long-term installers because everything we work toward for our clients eventually rests in their hands. We ensure our install team has the kind of skill, patience, attention to detail, and experienced craftsmanship to handle every project large or small. From transporting your stone properly and guiding it through awkward entryways or getting it up three flights of stairs to creating the perfect field seam, our installers can truly do it all.

Surface Removal

Are you avoiding doing the removal of those old materials because it just seems so overwhelming. Maybe you have no idea how to discard of your old surfaces or want to re-use the stone you have for a future install. Ask Five Star Stone to do the dirty work for you.

Sink re-mounts

At least once a week our office receives a phone call from someone whose sink was installed improperly and needs a re-mount due to leaking or sagging. Five Star Stone will come to your location, remove, clean, and re-attach your sink to your natural stone or engineered quartz countertop.

Seam, surface, or crack repairs

Our fabrication and installation team is known for its skill and attention to detail to correct or repair previous installations. Over time natural stone can pit, etch, scratch, or in some rare cases, crack. If your countertops look dull or lifeless, call us to find out what we can do to help you revive them.

Seal applications

Every project we install is sealed twice following fabrication and once following installation. However, all natural stone sealant will wear down with the use of the stone. It is recommended that your countertops be resealed every 2-4 years to protect it from food stains and moisture absorbency that can lead to bacterial build up. Sealing is an easy DIY project but for those clients who don’t have the time or prefer the peace of mind that comes with having a professional complete a sealant application with tried and true sealant brands, we rise to the occasion.

Services FAQ

What happens during a field estimate?

Dependent upon how far along you are in the planning process, our field estimates are typically just a field measurement with one of our field representatives. The purpose of this appointment is to determine square footage, material needs, and any special details that might need a little extra planning to ensure a smooth fabrication and installation process. If a decision on materials has already been made, our field representative can give you a price on site, but it is always recommended that you allow a member of our operations team to contact you with pricing for the most thorough estimate possible. Often we find our operations staff can help clients reduce costs through careful sourcing of quality materials or efficient preparation and project management.

Can Five Star Stone help me make decisions regarding my project?

Of course! Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by stone choices and coordinating décor or you’re concerned about structural support and trending design features, we have the experience, resources, and creative edge to ease your mind. Ask us anything! If we don’t have the answer we have all the right industry relationships to help you obtain one.

What can I expect to happen during the template appointment?

The template appointment is so much more than simply taking measurements. At the time of template, one of our template reps will go over every detail required for fabricating and installing your stone so it is important to have a decision maker on site for this process. Even if you have gone over some of the details with a member of our sales staff, the template rep will confirm every minute detail to ensure everything is perfect when your project is completed. Things like transport through entryways, edging, corner radiuses, seam locations, sink details, faucet holes, backsplash preferences, and more will be discussed. We ask that our clients put aside at least 2 hours for your template appointment for most projects.

If my countertop needs seams, what will they look like - will I be able to see them?

At Five Star Stone we take preparation and setting of our seams very seriously and it has become a big part of our reputation. While the rule of thumb is to assume you will always be able to see a seam to some degree we’ve had many a project where we were hard pressed to find our own seams. Now, natural stone is just that, natural so, when preparing seams from different slabs or materials with a lot of movement and veining there may be slight variations in color but we do our very best to work with mother nature!

How long will it take to fabricate and install my countertops?

Fabrication and installation times will vary from project to project. A large scale multi-unit project will take much longer than a single tub surround. A dense slab of engineered quartz will take longer to cut than a low hardness calcite but a low hardness calcite may take longer to finish and polish edges. Most of our projects under 100sf see a turn around time of 7-14 business days.

Countertop Installation Process


designThere are many design features to consider when creating new countertops. From sinks and edges to corner radiuses and overhangs, Five Star Stone has been helping Clearwater residents relieve the pressure of all the seemingly minute details that truly bring a design together to create a streamlined design space.

Stone Selection

stoneThe stone color gives the overall feel of the kitchen. Visit our showroom in Clearwater Florida where popular countertop options are on display. Having a cabinet door and other samples to help in visualizing how your countertop contributes to the overall look of your room. At Five Star Stone we keep a quality inventory of natural granites imported from all over the world.


installationAfter your countertops are designed, we will have it installed into your kitchen right away. You can enjoy your beautiful, durable, easy/no maintenance kitchen.

You can always call us back for adjustments or if for some reason you need us to make necessary correction. Feel free to call us from mondays to saturdays 9:00am to 5:00pm.