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The Right Profile Edge For Your Granite Countertops – A Quick Tutorial

When choosing an edge profile for their granite countertops, Clearwater homeowners often don’t give it a second thought. In hindsight many wish they had. Your choice of edge profile can have a surprising effect on the look and function of your kitchen. It’s not hard to make a good decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Follow these simple tips and you’ll know you’ve made the right choice for your granite countertop edge profile.

Granite Countertops Profile: Focal Point or Minimalist Masterpiece

Sharp angle edges make the outline of your kitchen countertops stand out. Depending on the design, this can be desirable, or not. For example a French Colonial style kitchen that includes details like fluted pilasters, corbels and backsplash tile medallions will benefit from the more ornate ogee edge profile.

Focal Point or Minimalist Masterpiece - Granite Countertops

An ogee profile compliments the details of this modern version of a French Colonial style kitchen.

A minimalist approach to kitchen design may call for a simple and clean edge profile. If you have a modern kitchen with many sharp clean lines then a 1/4-bevel or pencil edge will complement the geometric profile of the cabinets.

Big Style in Small Spaces

The size of your kitchen will play a part in the edge profile that is best suited for your granite countertops. Even updated Clearwater cottage kitchens can be small and using angled edges can draw attention to the space or lack of space. Lighter colored granite countertops with rounded edges provide a softer profile. When combined with light colored cabinets the result adds a more open and airy feel to even a small kitchen.

Big Style in Small Spaces - Granite Countertops

Spacious kitchen with the right edge profile for your countertop.


Working Smarter

Many hands make light work and if your kitchen is sometimes a busy crowded place then your choices for edges and corners become more important. Double rounded profiles or profiles that are beveled on the top and bottom edge are less likely to catch things that are moving from base cabinets to countertops.

If young children are helping out in the kitchen they can often run into sharp bottom edges. If you choose an edge with a rounded or beveled top and bottom any accidental contact should only be a glancing blow. Rounded corners will also allow people to slide through a narrow space without getting hung up or hurt on a sharp corner.

Working Smarter - granite countertops

A full bullnose edge and rounded corners protect your kitchen helpers from bumps and bruises even when it gets crowded.

Choosing the right edge profile is simple when you keep in mind the design, size and the way you use your kitchen. Five Star Stone creates edge profiles for granite countertops with every application and every taste in mind.