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Let’s Choose a Sink: Drop-In or Undermount?

A sink is one of the most important fixtures in your kitchen. You might not realize it, but you use it more than any other appliance in your kitchen. However, most people don’t give it much thought. People who do think about it find themselves torn between the choice of drop-in sinks and Undermount ones.

But what’s the fundamental difference between drop-in sinks and undermounts? Which one would be better for your kitchen? Let’s have a brief look at both of them.

What is a Drop-In Sink? 

Drop-in sinks, also known as self-rimming or topmount sinks, are more traditional. As the name suggests, this sink is dropped into your counter where there’s a cutout space designated for it. Usually the faucets and other such attachments are directly mounted on the rim of this sink. This type of sink is older and has been in use for several decades now. It still retains a measure of traditional charm.

What is an Undermount Sink? 

An undermount sink is the most modern-looking of all sinks. It’s usually made up of metal and looks sleek. As the name implies, the sink is mounted from under the countertop. The countertop would sit right on top of the sink and there’s no rim on top of the counter.

Undermount sinks complement most modern designs (here are 6 modern home designs concepts brought to you by dwell.com) and are preferred by most homeowners and designers today.

Installation Method 

drop in kitchen sink installation method - five start stone incImage Source: jordanbent.com

Drop-In Sinks

Installing drop-in sinks is pretty easy. As the name implies, you simply need to drop it in. This means that you need to cut out space for your sink on the countertop. The sink would then be installed from the top, like a puzzle piece fitting into a slot. The process is very easy. You can also remove the sink very easily, if needed. All you need to do it lift it up.

Undermount Sinks

Unlike drop-ins, undermount installation is a little more complicated. The fabricator will cut out the size and shape of the sink on your countertop(here’s how to install it on granite, and here’s Tim’s thoughts on undermount sinks). After that, he’ll attach the sink to the bottom of the countertop. This needs to be done precisely.  It’s a good idea to hire a professional to measure the size of the sink.  Some fabricators would ask to take it with them to their shop to get the accurate measurement.


 You need to pick a sink that would fit in with your countertop and kitchen design (If you’re into granite —> check this out). While your countertop material wouldn’t matter much if you intend to purchase a drop-in sink, it would be of vital importance if you want to buy an undermount sink.

If you read the installation process, you’ll understand that the countertop needs to bear the weight of the sink from underneath it. While materials like marble, granite, quartzite, etc, are compatible with it, materials like tile and laminate countertops aren’t. You can use drop-in sinks on any countertop without problems.


As we mentioned before, drop-in sinks have been around for several years and have that vintage appeal that most undermount sinks don’t.

On the other hand, undermount sinks look smooth, modern, and create an impression of flow. It doesn’t disrupt the lines of your countertop.

underneath kitchen sink installation method - five start stone inc

Image Source: speedmage.tk

Advantages of Drop-In Sinks 

Drop-in sinks might not be the most modern sinks available in the market, but they have their own advantages:

  • As we mentioned before, they’re incredibly easy to install
  • Quick installation
  • They are also easy to remove incase you need to replace your sinks
  • The removal won’t damage the countertops
  • As they’re considered the standard sinks, there’s a great deal of variety available in the market like Lowes.com (They got lots of kitchen sinks to choose from). You get various colors, shapes, designs, etc, of drop-in sinks
  • These sinks are also very affordable and will be several hundred dollars cheaper than undermount sinks, depending on the one you choose

Disadvantages of Drop-In Sinks

  • Drop-in sinks aren’t very hygienic as the rim sits on top of the counter. The space between the rim and the countertops has a tendency to attract dirt, grime, and mold. You need to be very careful while you clean or better yet seek professional cleaners in your area – Belle Home offers their services in Connecticut.
  • The rim also makes it very difficult to clean the countertops easily. It gets in the way and doesn’t allow you to simply sweep the dirt into the sink.

Advantages of Undermount Sinks 

  • They’re more hygienic there’s no space for dirt and grime to gather and rest
  • You can also clean the countertops easily and sweep the spills and crumbs right into the sink as there’s no obstruction
  • It also looks great in almost every kitchen and has a sleek, minimalistic look.

Disadvantages of Undermount Sinks

  • This sink is a more expensive
  • The installation costs are higher too
  • As mentioned earlier, it only works with heavy, strong countertops.

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