Is It Time To Redo Your Kitchen?

What Has Triggered This Need For A Kitchen Overhaul?

You may be staring at the current state of your kitchen right at this moment…so why the sudden need to change it?

As people evolve, their tastes change (almost from year to year), and this could be what has triggered this sudden burst of motivation to redo your kitchen. Now, being realistic, you should begin thinking about your actual budget; is it a budget for a complete renovation, or is it a budget of more a re-facing and accessories one?

Kitchen Countertops

To Redo/Replace Or Just Reface?

If your cupboards are falling off the walls, your countertops are heaving, and your kitchen floor is buckling and actually raising the flooring materials, then yes, it is time to redo your kitchen with replacements of pretty much everything (this is also for renewed safety). If time is such you need to, then reface and refresh it! If you do not have any damage to any of your surfaces within your kitchen, then splashing those surfaces with a change of colour and add in some interesting textures will give you that oomph without the hefty costs that would be involved otherwise.


A Bit of Knowhow and A Little Bit of Elbow Grease

Be diligent and do some research before you make final decisions, especially if you are just doing a surface redo. Check on what is trending currently or choose a theme that suits your own taste (following the crowd and what they like may not be for you at the end of the day). Gentle, mellow wood and textured wood of a similar kind are always a smart choice because all coloured and textured accents for a crowning touch on the overall decor of your kitchen will match with the wood.

Doing the work yourself is also something you can research. Half the fun of changing or redoing your kitchen is having fun doing it yourself (this also will save you a whole slew of money).  If you do insist on hiring a professional, then make sure you know EXACTLY what you want and have an idea of what you will be doing, as the contractor will have free rein with the opportunity to stray from what you want precisely.


Don’t Wing It…Have A Design Plan

Believe it or not, just buying a bunch of paint and some accessories to redo certain areas of your kitchen is probably going to end up looking like you didn’t plan it out, and your efforts will not result in what you were expecting. If it helps (and more often than not it does) you should sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and draw out your kitchen (the surfaces in which you want to redo).

Now, grab some coloured pencils and actually colour in the areas in which you want to paint or reface; does it look like you imagined it? Work on with your design until you are really pleased with the results, and then go shopping for supplies!