Modern Faucet for Your Kitchen Countertops

How Do You Choose a Modern Faucet for Your Kitchen Countertops?

If you do everything right, pay careful attention to all design elements of your kitchen countertops and then choose a mundane faucet, you’re ignoring a vital aspect. The faucet can be the icing to your overall design, adding a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen. These are the aspects you should take into consideration while choosing a modern faucet for your kitchen.

Handle Use 

Would you prefer to have a handle, two handles or go without handles on your faucet? It is generally a matter of personal preference but faucets with motion sensors that activate automatically to deliver the water are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, not everyone likes that. Most people prefer single handle faucets. Double handle faucets are considered somewhat old-fashioned but they’re still in high demand.

Modern Faucet for Your Kitchen Countertops

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How you use the sink determines the height of the faucet, however, the general design of your kitchen can too. For example, if you are likely to wash big pots and pans, you might need a high faucet that would give you room to wash or fill under it.

However, if you have cabinetry or windows that take up space above the sink, a high faucet might not really be a practical option. You need to determine what kind of faucet you prefer and what would fit on your kitchen countertops.

Pull-Down and Pull-Out Sprays 

These faucets come with sprays attached that you can pull down. They’re great to wash vegetables and fruits, and allow you to direct water wherever you want. Some prefer this type of faucet to others and it’s entirely a matter of personal preference.

Pull out sprays allow you to pull the sprays out towards you and move it in different directions. They generally have a wider reach than the pull down sprays and make it easier to wash big pots and pans. The wider reach makes them more popular than the latter, but it’s a matter of personal preference yet again.

Modern Faucet for Your Kitchen Countertops

Side Spray and Faucet 

Some people prefer the side sprays to faucet sprays. They are separated from the faucet and usually require another sink hole. These are generally more affordable in comparison to pull down or pull out ones. They also have a wide reach that makes it easier for you to clean utensils and the kitchen countertops too.

Consider the Sink 

The type of faucet is determined by the number of holes in the sink as well. Sinks are available with one to four holes. One hole sinks are becoming more popular and can accommodate pull-down and pull-out spray faucets. Two holes allow for a faucet with a spray. Three holes are common for traditional kitchens that had different handles for hot or cold water. Four holes aren’t really common but they allow for more accessories.

After all these considerations, you just need to pick a design to match your kitchen and countertop. If you have more questions about kitchen countertops and accessories, you can call Five Star Stone Inc. at 727 265 1100 or just fill out this contact us form and we’ll get back to you.