Granite Countertops in Clearwater Fl Inspired by Nature

Animal Magnetism – Granite Countertops Inspired by Nature

In Clearwater, Florida it’s no surprise that many of the most popular colors, textures, materials and finishes used for home decor are inspired by nature. The endless sunny days, mild winters and warm waters of the Gulf inspire Clearwater residents to create living spaces that reflect their outdoor lifestyle and the natural environment.

5 Suggestions For Your Clearwater Kitchen Countertops

Granite is a natural material prized for its beauty and durability. The almost 3-dimensional sheen of polished granite and its resistance to discoloration and damage from heat, scratching and chipping make it an excellent choice for high quality Clearwater kitchen countertops. Five Star Stone carries a wide selection of natural granite countertops. Although, as a natural product, each slab is unique, many have enough similarities in origin and composition that their color identified by name.

Here are five of our most popular granite countertops inspired by nature.

Forest Green

Granite Countertops in clearwater Fl - forest green slab

Forest Green Granite Slabs

Forest Green along with Absolute Black was one of the first varieties of granite countertops to gain widespread use in Clearwater kitchens. The color is dominated by dark green and black crystals with varying amounts of grey. The color and pattern is consistent within individual slabs but from block to block the crystal size, shape and amount of grey can vary widely.

Matching color and pattern across sequential slabs is relatively easy but matching pieces from different sources such as when adding an island to a kitchen with existing Forest Green countertops, the stone can have a distinctly different appearance. It is also important to match colors of things such as backsplash tiles, flooring and cabinet finishes with the actual slab you will be purchasing. While colors may match a sample of a photo, the actual slab may look much different when placed side by side.

The initial popularity of Forest Green granite was due to its ready availability and luxurious look. Its reputation for durability, stain resistance and hard wearing beauty has continued to make it a top choice. The major source of Forest Green is India while China and Brazil have also become major producers.

Black Impala

granite countertops in clearwater fl - black impala

Black Impala Granite Slab

Black Impala granite is also known as African Impala, Arabian Black or Shadow Grey. Black Impala is often an alternate choice to Absolute Black. The rich dark sheen of polished Black Impala is highlighted with grey and silver flecks that complement stainless steel finishes and give it a slightly softer look. The polished finish shows good color, depth and crystal structure in both natural light and under CFL and LED light sources.

The stone itself is very dense and uniform in color with very few microfissures and negligible pitting. The surface is highly impermeable so stabilizing resin is not needed. As with any natural stone product, regular sealing is recommended to extend its longevity. The major source of Black Impala is South Africa.

Deer Brown

granite countertops in clearwater fl- deep brown

Deep Brown Granite Slabs

Also known as Adobe Granite and Canadian Mahogany, Deer Brown granite comes from bedrock deposits of the Canadian Shield. The stone is several billion years old and is extremely hard. Its impermeability makes Deer Brown well suited as a stain resistant, sanitary and durable kitchen counter surface.

The basic color profile includes large black and brown flecks with white or grey seams and smaller white flecks. The combination of colors makes it a very versatile stone that goes well with natural wood finish cabinets, terracotta tile and other popular nature inspired decor elements. The color and crystal structure of Deer Brown is extremely variable so selecting your slab in person and directly matching samples of any tile and wood finishes that you plan to use, is very important. The major source of Deer Brown is Quebec, Canada.

Verde Butterfly

granite countertops in clearwater fl - verde butterfly

Verde Butterfly Granite Slabs

Also known as Green Butterfly, this is a dark green stone with very consistent color and crystal structure. The stone is a mixture of dark green and gray crystals with black veins and flecks of white. The color looks particularly attractive in modern kitchen designs as well as those with dark natural wood finished cabinetry such as cherry and mahogany.

The overall appearance is understated and elegant. The major source of Verde Butterfly is Brazil and the natural appearance of the stone hints at the lush landscape that surrounds the source. For large Clearwater kitchens, the dark hue and consistent color make Verde Butterfly granite countertops easy to match across seams for nearly invisible joints. It is also well suited for kitchen islands where its natural 3-dimensional luster is enhanced under accent lighting.

Blue Pearl

granite countertops in clearwater fl - blue pearl

Blue Pearl Granite Slabs

Blue Pearl is one of the most impermeable granites available. It is highly stain resistant and extremely hard, making it an excellent material for Clearwater kitchen countertops. For serious chefs that need a hard wearing surface but also want their kitchen to look great for years to come, Blue Pearl granite countertops are an excellent choice.

Blue Pearl adds a natural touch to industrial style professional grade kitchens. The color and pattern is created by large reflective dark blue crystals in a black matrix. The appearance is similar to flakes of mother of pearl on a black background. The color is very consistent in a single slab but varies considerably from one block to another. It is important for all natural granite slabs not to rely on samples or images to match colors. The major source for Blue Pearl granite is Norway.