Granite Countertops in Clearwater

Granite Countertops in Clearwater Are From the Finest Quarries in the World

Like fine wines and gourmet truffles, many varieties of the most sought after stone for granite countertops come from small producers in remote locations. From these small exclusive quarries scattered around the world come some of the most striking granite countertops Clearwater has ever seen. We specialize in supplying and installing granite countertops from many of the world’s finest quarries.

The 3 Main Quarries Supplying Granite Countertops in Clearwater

Here is a look at the sources of three of our most sought after varieties. From the finest quarries in world we make these exotic granites available for your Clearwater and Tampa Bay area kitchen countertops.

Azul Aran

Originally the only known source for Azul Aran was from a small quarry in northern Spain located in the rugged Pyrenees Mountains along the French border. More recently a second deposit of this uniquely elegant and beautiful granite has been discovered in northern Brazil.

The colors of Azul Aran range from blue to silver to grey. With a moderate amount movement created by shimmering patterns of flecks and contrasting veins the surface takes on a 3-dimensional radiance. This stone has been gaining in popularity for luxury kitchens in fine homes and luxurious condominiums throughout Clearwater and Tampa Bay.

Granite Countertops in Clearwater Florida - Azul Aran

The shimmering silver grey flecks and veins of Azul Aran granite highlight the simple sleek lines of this modern kitchen.

Madura and Kashmir

The beautiful rust and sparkling yellow granites known as Madura Gold and Kashmir Gold both come from the mountains of southern India near the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu province. Long sought after by the ancient rulers of Madurai for building their stunningly ornate temples, these stones are renowned for their durability and beauty.

Madura and Kashmir granite slabs can be as large as 8X5 feet, a size that is relatively rare in exotic granites. The slab size, strength and beautiful rust brown and yellow granulated patterns make Madura and Kashmir Gold granite countertops perfect for showpiece kitchen islands.

Granite Countertops in Clearwater - Madura Gold Granite

The beautiful yellows and browns of this Madura Gold granite kitchen island countertop are a perfect complement to the dark natural wood cabinets, leather bar stools and copper cookware.

Costa Esmeralda

The first known source for this highly prized stone was a small quarry located in the mountains of Iran. For many years the supply of this stone was extremely limited. More recently additional pockets of Costa Esmeralda have been found in China, Italy and Brazil.

Granite Countertops in Clearwater - Costa esmeralda granite

Workers in Iran prepare to remove a massive block of Costa Esmeralda granite.

Known for its high sheen surface after polishing and its resistance to staining and etching from acidic food, Costa Esmeralda is a workhorse among Clearwater granite countertops. Because there is a moderate amount of movement in the beautiful green veins and flecks it is important to select Costa Esmeralda by the slab and not from a small sample. Patterns vary from slab to slab and for larger kitchen projects it is important to match slabs for best results.

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