Durable and Inexpensive Countertop Material Can You Have Both

Durable and Inexpensive Countertop Material – Can You Have Both?

When it comes to selecting a material for your kitchen countertops, you have to decide what features are most important to you. In many cases, it seems as though you have to choose between durability and affordability, but can you have both? There are several kitchen countertop materials that offer excellent durability without breaking the bank.

Affordable and Durable Kitchen Countertops

Affordable and Durable Kitchen Countertops

The following countertop materials are affordably priced, and they still offer a good degree of durability:


While some of the most durable countertop materials can cost you upwards of $75 or $100 per square foot, there are plenty of economical options available.

  • Laminate – Though it may sound strange to build a countertop out of plastic, laminate countertops are both affordable and customizable. These countertops can cost as little as $10 to $20 per square foot installed, and they come in a wide range of colors and finishes. Laminate countertops are water-resistant, and they are easy to clean. The only downside is that they will have visible seams if you have to put multiple pieces together.
  • Ceramic Tile – This may be one of the most affordable countertop options that still provides a good degree of durability. Ceramic tiles only cost about $30 per square foot installed, and you can save even more by installing them yourself. Not only are ceramic tiles very durable, but they come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, which gives you plenty of options for customization. The only downside of ceramic tile countertops is that they do require a certain degree of maintenance to keep the grout clean and in good condition.
  • Granite Tile – Similar to ceramic tiles, granite tile counters are very durable and much more affordable than solid granite slabs. Granite tiles are just as easy to install as ceramic tiles, and they are available in a variety of colors and several different sizes. You can find granite tiles at your local home improvement center for as little as $4 to $15 each. If you choose to have the tile installed professionally, you are looking at a cost around $15 to $25 per square foot.
  • Wood – Butcher block and wood counters can be not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but affordable as well. This type of material is less durable than laminate or tile because it is subject to cuts and scratches, but wood countertops do last for a very long time. The average cost for wood countertops is between $30 and $75 per square foot. If you can find recycled wood to use in your countertops, you may be able to save even more.
Nontraditional Countertop material

The best and durable countertop materials aren’t necessarily expensive!


If you are looking for a kitchen countertop material that is made to last but won’t empty your wallet, consider using a nontraditional material, such as laminate, ceramic tile, granite tile, or wood. Each of these materials has its own unique list of pros and cons, but, for the most part, they are economical and durable.