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Designing Your Kitchen For Kids… 5 Tips To Consider

Remodeling? Redesigning or Designing your kitchen to your kids? Great!

In the modern day and age, a kitchen is not just where the mom cooks, as it is more of a family zone where kids and parents all turn cooking and eating into a fun social activity. Plus, most parents like to put their kids to work and assign chores to get work done more quickly. On the other hand, if your kids are smaller, you may worry about them breaking your china or staining your gorgeous countertops.

The point is, when you have kids, they need to be taken into consideration before designing a kitchen. You have to make sure your kids can easily use everything they need to use, and not reach anything that they shouldn’t be using, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the kitchen and child to co-exist.

Here are 5 Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Height

For a kitchen made for adults, your counters, which are your main workstations, are about 36” high. However when you bring kids into the cooking equation you need something at least 6” lower, so they can reach the workspace and help out with chores. This also makes the counters easier to use for adults when carrying out tasks like kneading dough and rolling out pizza crust.

This will usually not add to the cost of your kitchen as most cabinet lines can be incorporated into a low counter design. Five Star Stone and Cabinets provides custom cabinet services which can be designed to your needs.

If you have smaller kids it is a good idea to keep a countertop that does not extend beyond the storage cabinets under it, since kids frequently bump their head on edges that stick out. Also try and smooth out the edges of your counter when you have it installed to minimize injuries.

Counter Materials

The best material you can use for a countertop is by far Quartz. This is the closest you can get to a natural and classy material while also keeping it child-friendly. This is extremely strong, scratch and dent resistant and shock-absorbent, so if there are dishes dropped both the counter and the dish have a higher chance of survival. Plus, this is a non porous material so any juice spills will not stain and any messes are generally easier to clean.

Designing Your Kitchen

Making snowflake cookies – winter treat

It is also easier to shape the edges to your preferences. Also, since it is non-porous, there is lesser chance of it harboring bacteria that can contaminate your food as you cook, or infect your children as they work or chill at the counter. Five Star Stone offers a quality line of Quartz countertops in a variety of colors.

Cabinets And Storage

Cabinets are another thing that can easily go out of a child’s reach, but in some cases this is desirable. In terms of cabinets you should have certain zones or portions which are accessible to your kids so you can store their plastic plates and cups along with cutlery and silverware in here.

Designing Your Kitchen | kid friendly drawers

Kid friendly drawers.

You can also throw in some of their favorite snacks. These can be lower drawers or cabinets under the counters. On the other hand, fine china, sharp knives and electrical appliances with sharp blades like blenders and choppers should be kept higher up and out of reach. For younger children you might also want to invest in cabinet designs that are harder to access and open for them, and maybe invest in child proofing too.

Another thing to consider is the wood material and finishing. You might want a darker wood and glossier finish which will be easier to clean and will mask some of the scratches and marks that kids might inflict on them.


Designing Your Kitchen |Stove

kitchen detail with induction electric hob and cooking pans

We suggest you try and invest in an electrical induction stove when you have little kids or encourage kids to help out with cooking. This allows for no gas leaks, fires or burns as it only heats the area directly under your pots and pans, and all the controls are also on the top. If you prefer gas stoves, try to invest in one that has the knobs on the top so a small child can’t reach it.

Other Appliances

Designing Your Kitchen - Microwave Placement

Microwave placement.

There are certain appliances that you want your kids to use so it relives you of some duties and they can help out in some of your work. This includes a microwave, and it is a good idea to include a microwave cabinet somewhere below the countertops or your kitchen island. This will make it accessible to your kids so they can heat up a meal in when needed. You might not want to do this with smaller children around. Your toaster is another appliance you might want to keep within reach of older kids.

In Conclusion

When you design a kitchen with little or older kids, it is important to keep their needs, as well as their curiosity in mind. Think about safety, ease of cleaning for you, and their ability to help you out or be self sufficient when you’re away. Design a kitchen that is for the whole family to enjoy, not just for you to cook alone in, and you will have a social hub that teaches your kids about the wonders of a meal well enjoyed.