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Counter Culture – New Accessories for Your Granite Countertops

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the selection of granite countertops for kitchens. At the same time there have been many new innovations in lighting and increasing use of natural stone, wood and ceramic tile to enhance both the beauty and function of your kitchen. Here are just a few of the latest products and features available to help your new granite kitchen countertops look and perform their best.

 LED Accent Lighting To Match Your Granite Countertops

granite countertops in clearwater fl - counter culture LED lighting

Kitchen LED Lighting

There are a variety of new kitchen lighting options available that can help highlight the beauty of your Clearwater granite kitchen countertops as well as maximize their benefits. For a dramatically lit eat-in kitchen island consider a series of LED pendant lights above the island and strip lights running under the lip of the counter. Strip lighting under your cabinets also adds a dramatic look to your countertops and allows you to us your kitchen without having to turn all the lights on. Having your lights wired for different zones and using dimmer switches allows you to save energy by providing just the right amount of light where and when you need it.

Mosaic Tile Backsplashes


granite countertops in clearwater florida - Mosaic tile backsplash above a range top.

Mosaic tile backsplash above a range top.

Creating mosaic tile designs was once a tedious process that required the work of a skilled craftsman to plan, cut and set the tiles. Many eye-catching pre mounted tile mosaics are now available that can give your kitchen an old world charm or a modern look. Pre mounted patterns using a mix of ceramic and glass or natural stone can add an earthy natural look or a sleek modern feel to your kitchen decor. A tile mosaic or pattern that includes tiles that match your granite is a perfect way to make your countertops’ color really pop.


Commercial Grade Cutting Boards and Draining Racks

granite countertops in clearwater fl- Sink with integrated cutting boards and strainer from Kohler.

Sink with integrated cutting boards and strainer from Kohler. Image credit: Kohler


Integrated cutting boards, strainers, prep sinks and pull-out spray faucets are just some of the professional kitchen accessories finding their way into new kitchen designs. Many contemporary kitchens are featuring simple bold lines along with rugged looking professional grade appliances and accessories.


Mixing Countertop Materials


granite countertops in clearwater -mixed countertops

Mixed wood and granite kitchen island countertop.

Mixing different countertop materials is a reflection of a wider trend in contemporary design to combine very simple unadorned lines with a variety of materials. Using surfaces made from natural stone, manufactured quartz, wood and glass in combination makes a visually stimulating yet simple design. You can add to the beauty of your natural stone countertops by contrasting them with a raised mahogany bar or cutting block.