Corner Kitchen cabinet Ideas

5 Ways To Make Practical Use Of A Corner Kitchen Cabinet

There are certain corners in your kitchen that end up being dead spaces. Nothing really fits there and you end up wasting precious space. Corner kitchen cabinets are great ways to make use of these spaces, they look great, and add extra storage space. Here are five ways you can use your corner kitchen cabinet which can add interest to your kitchen and also help you save additional space around the kitchen.

Microwave and TV Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinets - tv and microwave cabinets

Television and Microwave in one cabinet.

You can customize this cabinet to fit a microwave and a small television. This way you will save counter space that would otherwise be taken up by the microwave. You can also opt to place the microwave lower than the counter so kids can reach it. The TV will be a great addition for you to stay entertained while cooking and will sit right at home with the modern trend of making the kitchen more of a family living room.

Built-In Oven

Corner Kitchen Cabinet - built-in-oven

Built in kitchen cabinet idea.

You can also create a built in oven here. This will look great, will be much more convenient and easy to use, and you can use the space underneath your stove to store your pots and pans for easier access. Plus, most ovens have the perfect dimensions to make a great corner cabinet, and the area above and below this can be used to store items related to baking such as dishes and measuring cups.

Appliance Garage

Corner Kitchen Cabinets - Appliance Garage

Kitchen appliances stored in one compartment.

A great way to use this area is to continue your counter into it and use the area above for storing your appliances. You can have electrical outlets and place all your blenders, food processors, toasters, mixers and all other appliances here.

Stylish Display Cabinet

corner kitchen cabinets - stylish cabinet designs 2

Stylish corner kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

This area can also be used to store your fancy dishes. You can add glass doors for these cabinets and go for accent lighting to illuminate them in a nice display. This would be practical, and would add interest to the space.

Open Corner Shelves

corner kitchen cabinet ideas- open corner shelves

Open corner kitchen shelves ideas.

Another great way to add interest and utilize your dead corner is to ad open shelves. You can use these for anything, from displaying plates and dishes to turning it into an open pantry. You can add as many racks and you need along both walls, which will fully utilize the space and give you lots of storage that has a nice quaint feel.

These are by no means the only ways to use your corner kitchen cabinets. If you’d rather not have a cabinet there, you can always add interesting lighting, a corner stove or sink, some large two wall windows or corner drawers. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something that uses up the space in the most practical way that sits well with the rest of the kitchen design and looks great as an independent design element on its own as well.