5 Tips In Coloring Your Kitchen with Natural Stone... Youll Surely Love Tip #5

5 Tips In Coloring Your Kitchen with Natural Stone… You’ll Surely Love Tip #5

Coloring your kitchen? When your new kitchen design or renovation includes natural stone such as granite or marble it is often wise to use the existing colors in the stone to guide your color choices for the rest of the kitchen.

Let’s dive into the 5 tips in coloring your kitchen.

While you may wish to make a statement by using an exotic piece of natural stone that includes interesting flaws and contrasting colors, it is still important to let the stone be your guide when establishing your palette. By keeping an eye on the color wheel and following a few simple guidelines your kitchen color palette can add a richness and depth to the natural colors that attracted you to the stone in the first place.

#1 Coloring Your Kitchen Using Triadic Color Scheme

Kitchen Coloring in Clearwater Fl Using Triadic Color Scheme

To contrast the dominant color of the countertop select one of the colors you find in the veins or inclusions in the stone and use that as your primary color.

A Triadic color scheme that uses 3 colors split across the color wheel is a good place to start if you are a beginner at creating color palettes. Three colors are enough to create visual interest but still maintain a sense of unity. Your secondary color should be a closely related color on the same side of the color wheel and the third color should be selected from the opposite side of the wheel.

#2 Dealing With Colors

Clearwater Fl - coloring your kitchen - color combination

The thing about blending the colors…

If you find two closely related colors in the stone, like yellow-green and turquoise veins, use those as your primary and secondary colors and then use a complimentary color from the opposite side of the wheel like crimson. The complimentary color is used as your accent color and it adds an element of richness to the details in the stone that you are echoing in the major colors of your palette.

#3 For Granite Countertops



Clearwater Fl - coloring your kitchen - Granite Countertops

Selection of Granite Countertop Colors.

If you have a granite countertop with brown veins or flecks in it, that will work well with wood cabinets. Match the brown you find in the stone with a natural finish or stain it darker if necessary. For an accent color, lighter browns that lean toward a light orange could use a blue or blue-green like teal while a darker brown might use violet.

#4 Marble And Granite

Stainless steel appliances can make veins of gray that are found in many marbles and granites appear deeper and richer. The flowing designs of contrasting veins in the rock is also referred as “movement”, an aptly descriptive term for the scars of its violent past being bent and twisted inside the earth’s crust.

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Combining Colors Using Ratio

coloring your kitchen in clearwater fl -color combination

Be careful not to let your complimentary color become overpowering but neither should it disappear.

When you combine colors, the ratio is also important. A good decorator’s rule of thumb is to cover 60% of your kitchen using your primary color, 30% with your secondary color and then 10% with your complimentary or accent color to spice things up. You can also adjust the mix with something like 65-25-10 or 55-32-13.

When Coloring your kitchen, it’s possible to add a fourth color but you risk diluting your design and have your palette slip from bold to muddled. While only two colors will look stark and boring you can maintain maximum appeal and still keep things interesting with just 3 or 4 colors, as long as you keep in mind where you are pulling your colors from on the color wheel.

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