Creative Quartz Countertops Design To Inspire You

Creative Quartz Countertops Design To Inspire You… 5 Of Them To Be Exact!

So you think Quartz is the rising star of kitchen design and remodeling. But for a typical home owner, how can one take advantage of its beautiful & bold choices of color, texture and design? We’ve covered  5 new designs using quartz in this post.

 #1 Multi-Level Quartz Countertops Design


Creative Quartz Countertops Design  - Multilevel countertops

Using multiple level counters makes a beautiful and functional kitchen island.

Different levels create separate eating, cooking and food prep areas and lend visual interest to the design. Quartz can easily be fabricated into wrap around counters or cutout ovals for sit down eating. Quartz is also strong enough to allow overhangs that can make counters appear to float over the island.

#2 Mixing Quartz Stone With Glass And Etc

Creative Quartz Countertops Design - Mixing it with Glass

Mixing quartz with materials like brass, copper,wood and glass creates stunning kitchen counter designs.


Whether you are challenging expectations with a long undercounter mounted brass trough sink or challenging gravity with a raised glass bar counter, mixing materials makes an eye-catching statement. Slightly less edgy but equally beautiful is combining two different colors or one solid and one patterned quartz into a single island counter or counter to create visually separate spaces.

 #3 Color Crazy

Creative Quartz Countertops Design - Color Crazy

The right color combination to match your kitchen design.

The sheer number of available colors and patterns of quartz available is allowing some very bold choices for kitchen and bath color palettes. Bright reds and blues are becoming increasingly common choices for kitchen countertops. Whether these will become the 2010s equivalent to what harvest gold and avocado were in the 1970s is yet to be seen.

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The other colorful phenomenon making a big splash in the world of manufactured quartz are earthy mixes that mimic the colors and movement found in some of the world’s most exotic granite. Responding to criticism from some corners that quartz looks a little too manufactured, companies have been coming out with designs using dark reds, oranges and burgundy swirls that do a surprisingly good job of passing for a slab of exotic granite. Every major quartz manufacturer has also taken a stab at matching the distinctive color and veining of white marble. Some have been a remarkable success.

#4 Inspired by Ramsin Khachi

Creative Quartz Countertops Design - Ramsin Khachi

At the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Nevada


Quartz countertop manufacturer, Cambria, invited noted Canadian designer and TV celebrity Ramsin Khachi to apply some design inspiration to their products. Khachi created several eye catching feature walls by using high powered water jets to etch delicate filigree designs into the quartz slabs. The etched designs were then filled with contrasting liquid acrylic and backlit for added dramatic effect.


He used the same water jets to cut organic shapes into two more slabs of quartz, creating a room divider that evoked a feeling of standing at the bottom of the sea among coral reefs. He demonstrated several other techniques using quartz to create 3-dimensional and textured effects that are certain to inspire future designs. Check out this page for questions related to quartz countertops.

#5 Quartzer-sized Sinking

five star stone inc clearwater florida

Integrated sinks are becoming the new must-have quartz countertop feature.


The look is clean and modern, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen. Ramp sinks with hidden drain channels and half pipe sinks that are molded seamlessly into the counter are some of the newest options in integrated sinks. As well as good looks, the seamless design eliminates the joint spaces that so often catch dirt, attract hard water buildup and invite corrosion.

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