12 Types of Countertop Profiles

You may not have given it much thought, but believe it or not, countertops have the ability to be shaped at the corners and the edges of each of the four sides, and that is what profiling is all about. Be sure that when you are selecting a profile for your new countertop, that the countertop material used is compatible with the profile that you want. Also factor in whether your countertop is compatible with a smooth, or more sharply-angled surface, as each type of profile has a different level of appeal that is dependent on the countertop’s colors and overall physical appearance. You should factor in your overall kitchen design when choosing one specific type of profile.


  1. Eased

A common type of profile that is squared off, and does not slant or smooth out. The majority of countertops are installed with this profile, as this is the community standard.

  1. Bevel

An elegant profile that gives the countertop a more refined edge, due to the lip being more of a slightly-angled one. This edge seems fancy, but it is not fancy in an over-the-top manner.

  1. Double Bevel

A more eclectic profile that merely has a small piece of the lip of the countertop angled inward, then a flat surface down to the countertop’s bottom.

  1. Bullnose

A very rounded profile that would be an excellent choice for anyone with children, as there are no angled edges on the lip, therefore this edge can be counted as the safest choice.


  1. Half Bullnose

A smooth edge that straightens off at the bottom in an angled manner. The top of the lip has no squared edges, so it not only makes the profile look visually appealing, but it also makes the lip comfortable on the hands.

  1. Step Half Bullnose

A mixture of angle and smoothness, this profile makes the countertop ‘pop’ in a very three-dimensional way.

  1. Bevel Bullnose

A unique profile that gives the impression of the corner edges of a picture frame, with its gradual slope and levelling off.

  1. Dupont Bullnose

A special profile that can only be described as ‘smooth jaggedness’, and the top of the edge really highlights the rest of the countertop.


  1. Double Radius

A vaguely ‘industrial’ edge to a countertop profile, this edge goes down smoothly, then ends abruptly at the lip’s bottom.

  1. Classic Ogee

A rather classy profile that bulges out in the lip slightly, before smoothly curving back into the countertop. The lip also juts out ever so slightly, so as to provide a level of taste.

  1. Double Ogee

A very sharp (in appearance) and professional profile, the edge has smoothness, but also has very squared layers. This profile is very contemporary in its feeling, and certainly complements almost any countertop.

  1. Triple Pencil

A stunning and eye-catching edge that looks as if the countertop is actually 3 countertops laying on top of each other. This profile has a highly ‘modern’ feel to it, so if your countertop is modern in appearance, this profile will complement it.